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Originally Posted by John Holland
I understand the need for bottom end, but with any guitar amplifier pushing no more than 30 watts ( and very little headroom, notwithstanding )through a single 10 inch speaker, due to simply the wattage being handled and the amount of air being moved --- the equipment is going to have a very hard time living up to your expectations.

I understand what you're saying, man. And i hope your basic technical explanation wasn't meant to condescend me.. but the theme here is the best bottom-end for this class of amps.

"Looking for the best possible lower-cost combo amp for home use and portability.. "

"what i want is the ballsiest combo amp with the most low-end grrr for $200-300 at most."

"I don't expect to sound like SUNN O))), after all it's a combo amp, but more rumble would be nice."

Thanks for the input.. unless it was a shot.
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