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Originally Posted by xdislexicx
10w and an 8" speaker. and it sounds really nice. all analog far as volume goes.. 10w with an 8" speaker isnt going to be much quieter than a 30w 1x12 really. and if all you need it for is just a little at home amp(which you must if you're considering the amps you mentioned) it's perfect. a few great sounds instead of a dozen+ worthless ones you'd get from spider.

I need to upgrade from a basic 15w\8" Fender amp. Even if the Tech21 is a much higher quality amp than the Fender, are lower wattage and the same size driver going to make much difference on the bottom end? I am not lookin for something to cut razorsharp solos through.. if anything I would like a deeper, more sludgy sound suitable for maybe grindcore or doom metal (goatsnake, cathedral sound.. not opeth). I don't expect to sound like SUNN O))), after all it's a combo amp, but more rumble would be nice.

Forget I said anything about black metal, which I like to try to play, but it seems like those lo-fi treble rhythms can be played on anything. For the purposes of this amp, I need more bottom-end.
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