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Originally Posted by xdislexicx
oh man, no contest. cube all the way.

the cubes... imo are much tighter sounding and more flexible. not to mention the fx quality on the spiders are a joke. you could get the same results from mini dan electro pedalboard.

if you don't need the fx.. i say try a crate or randall. maybe even a tech 21 if you're a lucky one.

i don't care about the fx.. they just happen to be there. what i want is the ballsiest combo amp with the most low-end grrr for $200-300 at most.
i have not ruled out the cube.. i'm not going to decide based upon a couple of replies, but i do appreciate the input. how do you think that modeling is on the cube? i don't care about them sounding exactly like the real shit, i just wanna know if people tend to use them or just try them once and forget them. should the fact that the spider has a larger driver matter? i am not able to find any frequency response specs.
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