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oh man, no contest. cube all the way.

personally.. i find the spiders are very cold and harsh.. the lows are muddy and rumbly... even the highest gain settings with the gain maxed out still isnt "insane". they also seem to have a really scooped voicing. to me it's korn in a box.

my cousin has an origional spider 1x12 50w... i hate it. it doesnt matter to him.. he doesnt really play guitar much. it's just kinda there.

one of my old bands guitarist had bought a spider II 2x12... i hated it, i actually made him take it back. the tones were even shittier imo than the origional spiders and the volume/projection couldnt cut it in the band environment..

the cubes... imo are much tighter sounding and more flexible. not to mention the fx quality on the spiders are a joke. you could get the same results from mini dan electro pedalboard.

if you don't need the fx.. i say try a crate or randall. maybe even a tech 21 if you're a lucky one.
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