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Milo - says:
Do you believe that it is a necessity to know theory in order to write good songs?

xxxx says:
no, look at xxxx [Name lef out as to not offend fans of band or creat arguments]

Milo - says:
He knows no theory? Im talking about actually knowing the names of scales and bullshit like E Minor Deminished [whatever that is] and crap like that. I say as long as you play good you don't need to know shit.

xxxx says:
I don't think he ever did until he hurt himself
but I guess overall it depends on what you are trying to write. If its uber complex progressive metal then there is no chance, if its simple slam then thats easy

Milo - says:
But I don't know any theory, I caouldnt tell yuo what a chromatic scale is and like thats the best known one or whatever, but I could write a necrophagist or psycroptic song and just as complex, or whatever and I don't know shit. Hmm, oh well.

xxxx says:
I think that scales are the basis of any good solo, but for generic riffs and stff you can probably do it without that knowledge

Milo - says:
Sure, I know how scales work but I never read anything on it. I mean you simply pick that up through guitaring, you know how notes fall in with each other and crap like that. It comes from playing. But I never would be able to tell you what scale is which, or I know no set scales or anything, I just know how notes fit together

xxxx says:
if the music sounds good then who cares if it conforms to scales or not - provided you aren't writing prog, which you already stated you are not

Milo - says:
Well, Im saying I could write some hyper complex blast beating song [whether I could play it is another thing] and I know nothing about theory. Through playing I have simply picked up the way notes fall together and what sounds good together. Thats about anything close to theory I can get.

*Useless bickering that didnt accomplish anything, OR just me being pedantic.

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