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Originally Posted by Rapture
but maybe, with the help of this new forum, you would find a way to effectively use keyboards in your music? you are looking for new kinds of metal, right?

Who me? eh...I don't know. I personally don't go for the whole keyboard-in-a-metal-song thing. I've made a spooky film score sountrack type of album with the keyboard. So using bits of that as intro's or whatever would probably be as far as I go. For some reason, when I think of keyboards in hard rock music, I think of the band "Orgy".
But yeah, I think it could help alot of people like me looking to make some connections between genre's. And also, like smotpoker mentioned, people who do play the keyboard could find out better stuff that they wouldn't hear of on a non-metal site. It's definitely worth a shot!
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