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Originally Posted by ChristianOrgasm
omfgplz! - You ACTUALLY wanted to write all that only to display your disgust to Varg ? - well fuck me numb, dude; the sniveling little twat right now seems to be you, fuckbag - Every fucking human being has their own unique taste in music, and it is up to every one of us to learn it, listen to it or do whatever fucking thing we want with it - JUST like you do with Dissection (well, obviously)

I _ACTUALLY_ wrote this because I didn't think any shithead with an XXL brain stupidity level could actually write that and really mean it - You had the nerve to write it, and I will assure you that I know why you probably want to save your glory in these forums because of that numbsquatted act.

I find: Leng Tch'e - You Fat Prick - suitable for this post.

man, this newb pulls NO prisoners!
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