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Children Of Bodom, Emperor, BLACK METAL

I was just wondering if any of you guys like Children Of Bodom, Emperor, Napalm Death (for you people that use to be at the ND message board, this is bumbklat3), Night IN Gales, Dissection? Children oF Bodom, i know Hatebreeder, Something Wild, and Follow The Reaper like the back of my hand. Ive listened to each atleast 200 times all the way through. Ive even listened to the Inearthed demos about 75 times. Emperor, Anthems To The Welkin at Dusk, IX Equilibrium, In The Nightside Eclipse, those are probably in a way my favorite 3 cds of all time. If you are a fan of Emperor, listen to classical music. It makes those CDs much better, because it is in some what classical form, so its funner to study and know when instruments come in. I remember the first time i heard Anthems. all i could think is CHAOTIC, but now its just beautiful! So complex, and ihsahn is by far my favorite music writer (other then Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart, ect). Napalm Death, well, ive been liking them for years. Just about all there releases are good. Also, any of you like black metal alot? man, i love Mayhem. Hellhammer is god at drums, Maniac is awesome vocals. Grand Decloration of War is won of the most complex cds ive ever heard. Also there past makes them more interesting. Darkthrone the same, and Immortal, Satyricon, ect. well, cya
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