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Originally Posted by Bia
Something funny just happened....I figured this would be a place to relay it.....

Just got home...was at some friends of a friends home....smoking...hanging out and whatnot.....there were about 9 people there I didnt after a while this guys says, "I hear you play guitar" I say yep and he proceeds to tell me of his drumming prowess.....I have always admired guys that beat the hell outta stuff so drummers are among the coolest people I know......long story short I ask him about his setup....and he mentiones having "Zidian" I say you mean Zildjian? and he says no....I have I retort....I've heard of Zildjians but not the other......this fucker goes off.....starts claiming I'm a faker......I know nothing of equiptment and he has Zidian stickers on his cars...bla bla bla and there is no such product as Zildjian and I must "be trippin" spelling/saying it with that L in it bla bla bla.....a few other guys had to get in his face and shut him was quite amusing.

Hahaha, sounds pretty funny. But there is actually a cymbal company called Zidian. They never realy got anywhere because they are pretty shitty quality. I used to have a crash by them but it kept getting dents in it so now it's just sitting in my closet somewhere...Well actually, i just made that whole thing up.

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