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Originally Posted by corroded
if it can be used for nu-metal tabs, then cant the same be used for repititive threads? i dont think it cant be implemented...cuz again, its just a database search.

The way that the auto-rejection thing works (i think) is nomad has some kind of external stable text type file that the imput scans through and if a match is found, then its rejected. What this suggestion would require is searching through all the static thread names to find a match. This is difficult as acording to computers the following are all different things (if case sensitive, i don't know much about vBuliten, but most programming things are)

OPETH!!!!111OMG LOLZ!!!111one

My porgramming skills are probably not quite up to the level that nomad's are, but from what i can tell, for the most part it would be difficult to filter these without the use of some wildcard. So you would have to use some kind of wild card. So fo instance somebody wants to make another thread about 'Death'. They put this in, and it does a wild card search for anything like 'Death'. This could be rejected because it finds any of the following thread titles:

Napalm Death - New album
Favourite Death Metal Album
Best Death Metal Vocalists
Death to Nu-metal

Im not saying that it *can't* be done, but think of poor nomad, who publishes this site as a hobby!
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