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dude, I mailed Serlui Music Import in the netherlands (Ibanez importer for the BeNeLux)

because I didn't know the exact specs of my bass, they had a surprise for me.. a big one.

guess what, the serial number is on the front logo on the headstock, it sez 50733..

they told me the digit is : 5 (strings) **** (four digits, indicates number)
sooo, uhm 0733 is number 733..

Ibanez made 1000 of these basses, 1 stands in the Ibanez Music Hall in Japan (they collect their own prestige instruments)
the other 999 where made for sale, okay, about 25% went to Europe and 50% to America, the rest went to the rest of the world,

sooo, guess what, about 250 basses for Europe, Serlui told me they managed to lay hand on 16 of those basses.
mine is probably one of those 16, I bought it second hand in belgium so there's a good chance that the guy bought it in a store that Serlui supplied to....

I got one outta 250 of those basses dude

I bought it for 800 euro's. that's not a bad deal for a normal prestige SR 3005 BUT, the limited editions where completely hand made and they feature better hardware, they where 1000 guilders more expensive than the normal prestiges...

a new prestige cost 3500 guilders, 2 years ago , the limited must have costed about 4500 guilders, that's like uhm 2000 euro, maybe a bit more...

conclusion I made a great deal!!

they also sended me a pic of the 4 string limited which I didn't know about (cuz they aren't listed in catalogs etc...)

check it out... , ohyeah specs.

Custom Bartolini/Ibanez pu's
Gotoh 410 super machine heads
Mono Rail Prestige Bridge
3 piece mahogany/bubinga body
5 piece neck
custom fretboard inlay
3d formed rear bodywork (it has a dent for my belly haha)

check the photo, I'll post a few of my 5 string soon...
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