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put a little distortion on the mic. and scream at the very top of your lungs , and loud, so that your voice cracks too. on the BURZUM album he had some chorus on his voice too (really obvious during the DEEAHHHHH.... YEEEEEEE.... IIIAUAAAAA part of Spell of Destruction). thats all i can say for early burzum albums, and dont be suprised if you near pass out after doing it. what he did was ridiculous and most likely ruined his vocal cords


for Filosofem, i know the exact trick. get a pair of headphones, plug them into the guitar jack on your amp and turn up the distortion all the way. headphones are made to have a cheap mic in each piece as well as an output device. these overload easily, and mixed with the distortion on your amp, (make sure its relaly trebly) youll sound JUST like him
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