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Originally Posted by Dissection
You sniveling little twat, why would you want to waste your vocal chords on such rampant shite? Why not scream like George Fisher, or even Jon from Dissection? huh?

What the hell do you kids see in Burzum? The man couldn't sing, muchless kill someone without getting caught like the fucking twat waffle he is. I mean, what kind of pedophile looking son of a bitch runs away from jail, and submits like the ass puppet that he is? THERE, SIR, IS YOUR BLACK METAL GOD! OH, WHAT A ROLE MODEL! SATAN666 -|-

The music is not good (on anyone's standard, really. I love black metal, and am accepting of other people's tastes, but you cannot call this shit music), which leaves only one reason for you to like Varg and Burzum:

You want to be cool, and kvlt.

Shut up, and learn how to sing your own style. You don't need to conform to some doucebag's vocal style when it wasn't even good for him.

(Yes, I see the irony in posting this, and acting like an asshole. Guitar_Demon encouraged my inner FBS. Stop listening to shitty music.)

you hypocriticial, idiotic waste of human being. this wouldn't be half as infuriating if you hadn't stuck up for cradle of filth in the guitar zone. you're gay, fuck you and i hate you. loser. turd. arse. twat. faggot. dick. knob. and that you said you are accepting of other peoples tastes is the biggest oxymoron since all of rap music, aeroplane food, fun run, military intelligence. you shoot your mouth off at whatever band you please, eg. children of bodom "CHILDREN OF BODOM FUCKING SUCK," and then expect us to be nice about your crappy godspeed you black emperor.

so what if he looks like a pedophile? he isn't, and aside from the fact that he's twice as good looking as you and your fucking whore mother, metal isn't supposed to be about pretty faces and virginism and a pretty girl image. that's for pop. perhaps you should learn that.

his music is not technical or brutal by any means, it is ATMOSPHERIC, which is why it was created.

oh WHY OH WHY didn't you leave us forever instead of only temporarily
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