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Check my sig for the 101 of blastbeats.

Tyrian Xort dude, what you described as the wrist technique is quite commmon. I use it, if I didn't I'd have to use 7A sticks. Tension is bad people, be lazy and find ways to do things with as little effort as possible! GRAR GRAR

Low Tech, the problem you had with your teacher is that he was biased, therefore he had bad ethic. In reality, you should bring CD's to your teacher and ask him to pull them apart and tell you what's going on and teach you exersises to achieve that, just to show him what you want to play.

If you hate your teachers - FUCKING DITCH THEM. Find a better one, teach yourself, learn from tapes, sell your soul, anything, but don't stick with a bad teacher! They might be a genius on drums and play technical crap that can make you orgasm over and over, but they won't teach you good ethic and you'll be left out in the cold with that, not knowing how to treat a band or deal with auditions (being auditioned and hosting them), musical tolerance (learning from other music genres that you mightn't listen to too often), and they will bias you against certain gear that you might like.

I don't know why everyone dislikes heel/toe, it's fucking great, makes your ankle so much smoother when you play heel up aswell and you can do some interesting sounding crap with it.

For now, I'm still on my lenghty road to blasting and then single foot blasting. My father promised me a double kicker and now he's refusing to buy it. I wish I could kill him and claim the life insurance and spend it all on my kit!
I <3 12 year olds.
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