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Originally Posted by arvina
WTF. dude you have duncans why replace them. its not like the guitar is made of shitty wood.

maybe because duncans don't sound like emg's and he wants that sound?

Originally Posted by arvina
and are you sure you want to shave the neck on a neck through guitar. if it warps your stuck with it. not a good idea.

you can have it repaired... my buddy broke his neck on his les paul standard. had it glued back up, good as new...

that is if it breaks... warping... eh, you can replace the neck... your guitar just will go from being a neck through guitar to a bolt on or glued in...

Originally Posted by BLS
Eww shaved neck

Not a good idea on a Set Neck guitar.. or any guitar.

but i havent felt many necks as comfortable as my rg570's... mmmm shaved wizard I :drool: it's tits.

it's been like that for a long time, couple years at least, not a single issue.
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