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I got some of the stuff you're looking for DEAD.

Anyway, heres my info:

Looking For:
Nile "In Their Darkened Shrines"
Carcass "Reek Of Putrefaction"
Carcass "Symphonies Of Sickness"
Decrepit Birth "Kevin Talley Demo"
Any and all Psycroptic
Disgorge (US) "Cognitive Lust Of Mutilation Demo"
Gutrot "Dysentery/Gutrot Split"
Brodequin "Methods Of Execution"
Brodequin "Festival Of Death"
Brodequin "Prelude To Execution"
Brodequin "Instruments Of Torture"
Spawn Of Possession "Church Of Deviance Demo"
Goruts "Erosion Of Sanity"
Gorguts "Considered Dead"
Gorguts "...And Then Comes Lividity"
Gorguts "From Wisdom To Hate"
Internal Suffering "Chrozonic Fore Domain"
Decapitated "Winds Of Creation"

Agiel "Dark Pantheons Again Will Reign"
Brutus "Slachtbeest"
Burzum "Filosofem"
Carcass "Heartwork"
Carnivorous "Increments Of Defecation EP"
Decapitated "Nihility"
Decapitated "The Negation"
Decrepit Birth "...And Time Begins" (Plus all the drum room vids)
Deeds Of Flesh "Mark Of The Legion"
Deeds Of Flesh "Reduced To Ashes"
Disgorge (US) "Consume The Forsaken"
Disgorge (US) "Cranial Impalement"
Disgorge (US) "She Lay Gutted"
Emeth "Insidious"
Goratory "Rice On Suede"
Gorgasm "Stabwound Intercourse"
Gorguts "Obscura"
Guttural Secrete "Artistic Creation With Cranial Stumps"
Internal Suffering "The Chaotic Matrix"
Inveracity "Circle Of Perversion"
Liturgy "Dawn Of Ash"
Misery Index "Retaliate"
Necrophagist "Onset of Putrefaction"
Nile "Amongst The Catacombs Of The Nephren Ka"
Odious Mortem "Devouring The Prophecy"
Origin "S/T"
Porphyria "Live Set"
Pyaemia "Cerebral Cereal"
Pyaemia "Cranial Blowout Demo"
Severed Savior "Forced To Bleed"
Sleep Terror "Promo"
Spawn Of Possession "Cabinet"
Suffocation "Souls To Deny" (Leige Of Inveracity)
Theory In Practice "Colonizing The Sun"
Visceral Bleeding "Remnants Of Deprivation"
Visceral Bleeding "Transcend Into Ferocity"
Wormed "Planishaerium"
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