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My equipment is currently undergoing strenuous renovation, and when I'm completely done ( which might be several months from now ), I'll have :

Schecter C-1 Classic with EMG 81 and 85 ( bridge and neck ), shaved neck to reveal raw maple.

Peavey V-type, will probably put EMG's or Dimarzio X2N's in it, although the stock ceramic humbuckers perform surprisingly well.

Some sort of Baritone or 7 string.

Both guitars will have Ernie Ball 9-46 strings.

Peavey 5150 II head ( will receive mods, possibly the Brutal Kazoo from FJA )
Either Randall 2x12/1x15 or same speaker configuration by Avatar. If funds are sufficient, a corresponding 4x12 cabinet from Marshall, or Avatar. Avatar might cost me the least overall. Both cabinets will feature the sigils of Astaroth and Bael, as from the Key of Solomon, and the Necronomicon's "Key Of The Gateway" sigil painted behind the grill of my 5150 II, for summoning otherworldy intelligences from the Abyss. And I'll probably have Jerry P paint those on there. Only after he fasts for several days and remains celebate for months on end.

MXR EQ pedal, Tech 21 wah, Sonic Maximizer and some sort of noise gate, Peavey attenuator. Monster Cables.

And a small Crate 15-watt for when my 5150 II rig is just too much to carry.
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