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The JCM 800 is more of a clean sounding ac/dc type amp sound with it just being stock. Some people modify their JCM 800 head to get more distortion out of it or they just use a distortion pedal.
The thing with tube amps is they all sound a little different even when you buy the same model that someone else has. And that being said it depends on what you are running through them too ( guitar,Pickups etc.)
The best sound that I have gotten from a JCM 800 for DEATH METAL is a line 6 uber metal pedal with the insane drive or a metal zone. Or maybe even a line 6 pod. An EQ or even a sonic maximizer in the effects loop will always make things sound better.
The best amp I have played on for death metal to me so far
Just pluggin straight in to it for the distortion is a AMPEG 140ch head.
Its not tube but to me with a sonic maximizer in the effects loop it sounds awesome!!!!!! I never liked tube distortion. I like the power that they can push out and would use one for the power and run a pedal into it.
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