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Behemoth: a lot, dont know if theyre full albums
Black Sabbath: Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath
Black Sabbath: We Sold Our Soul For Rock and Roll
Cannibal Corpse: Tomb Of The Mutilated
Cannibal Corpse: Gallery Of Suicide
Cannibal Corpse: Gore Obsessed
Cannibal Corpse: The Wretched Spawn
Death: Human
Death: Individual Thought Patterns
Decrepit Birth: ...And Time begins (i think its the entire thing)
Deicide: Deicide
Deicide: Once upon the cross
Dying Fetus: Destroy The Opposition
Lamb Of God: As The palaces burn
Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin II
Morbid Angel: Covenant
Necrophagist: Epitaph
Nile: Amongst The Catacombs of Nepheren-Ka
Nile: Black Seeds Of Vengence
Nile: In Their Darkened Shrines
Pantera: Cowboys From Hell
Pantera: Vulgar Display Of Power
Pantera: Greatest hits
Shadows Fall: The Art Of Balance
Slayer: hell Awaits
Slayer: Reign In Blood

thats it. I need more CDs..
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