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dont look at it in terms of expense or spending too much money, you gotta judge each piece on thier individual merit, no one series of cymbals are the "best" niether a drumset. since i have particular tastes towards gear that i know noone else here shares, i wont get into specific recommendations. the only thing i can say is if you have to pay 1000$ for a drumset you know kicks ass and is what you need, by all means,spare no expense. gear costs an arm and a leg, its a marginal market, it always will, i usually deal in second hand stuff myself, think of all those people who buy nice drumkits and cymbals but never learn and soon give up, they eventually sell off thier barely touched gear at some point, this is my inclination toward not spending too much. most people like to buy brand new stuff, which means you spending alot of dough, no way around it, just roll in to a store, loiter there,try everything out, get an idea of the sound you want,watch out for gimmicks, spent whatever you need to if you feel its right, if you give up the craft, decide to sell everything off, a guy like me is gonna be at your door buying up everything at half price
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