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a new set or upgrade slowly?

this is my kit
Percussion plus
10-12" bass mounted toms
14" floortom
pinstripes on toms
14" snare with a powerstroke 3
stock resos and stock bass batter (want to get a powerstroke3)

14" (i think) hihat
18 or 20" ride

cheapass stock hardware
Pearl p122-tw double kick (very nice)

i wanna get some better cymbals, should i get a stagg cymbal pack (what hardware?)
or should i look to get a new kit? im worried that gradually upgrading will be more expensive. also a kit would come with better hardware, i could get those stands with boom cymbal arms and tom holders
i dont want any more drums, and wouldnt even miss the 10" tom.
so should i look to get a 4 piece set with some nice cymbals? how easy is it to customize a kit ie. can i buy it without a pedal? if so then could i get a kit without cymbals, then i could buy cymbals now and just shells later
btw. ive been playing for about 5-6 months, and i play nearly every day but havent got lessons yet. just some basic book. and i make up lots of riffs and practice them.
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