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And how much was cut off?!?

A long time ago (before I played bass) I cut the tips off of two of my fingers. I was young (maybe 10) and I was cutting the lawn. The the lawnmower got stuck over the border between the lawn and the garden. I was too weak to lift the lawnmower over it so I put my hand underneath to pull the lawnmover from the side. I (obviously) didn't know that the blade reached all the way to the edge. What happened was actually funny - the a shock reaction caused me to pull my hand out before I knew what happened. Then I looked at my hand and as I realized I cut my fingers that's when the pain hit. The tips of the two longest fingers (the middle and ring) were cut off - one was dangling by a piece of skin and the other my brother found and brought with us to the hospital in a Ziplock bag with ice.
The sewed them back on with stitches but they didn't heal pecfectly - both fingertips are inflated (bigger than a normal fingertip) and my ring finger nail curves downward instead of going straight.
When I was asked if I wanted to join a band, that was in part why I decided to play bass, because I can't play chords with my ring finger since I don't have a proper fingertip. Luckily there already was a guitar player and there was no bass player.
Anyways today it doesn't hold me back too much, the disadvantage of not being able to play on the very tip of my ring finger isn't so bad since my ring and middle fingers have bigger tips, which often makes fretting easier.

Of course it would probably be a LOT easier if I had big - or even medium - sized hands.
Hope your finger cutting doesn't compromise your playing. I know the Sabbath guitarist had one or two fingers missing though, and he's not bad...
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