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I just got back from Gent Belgium where I bought my new bass..

dude I will post pics here next week..

it's a SR3005..

but not JUST an SR3005 prestige, NOOOO it's a factory custom made SR!!!

it's really cool, it has 2 EMG type soapbars, made by bartolini.
it has a 5 piece neck and it has it's own custom serial number on the headstock! well ain't that nice!!

I bought it for 800 euro's, for a second hand bass, kinda expensive but this bass is expensive if you buy it new, normal sr3005's go for 1600 euro.
this is a custom... I don't know about the price, but probably a little higher.
It's kinda like the SR3005 like it's sold now, but it has copper coloured hardware, mono-rail bridge, and super Gotoh machine heads... (diffrent the the "stock" SR's)
the rest is kinda the same expect for the body, it has a stripe in a diffrent colour of wood running through the middle, really cool..
I'll post photo's next week.

and about the sound files, I will record them as soon as I've bought my compressor and bass flanger next week.. so uh, about 2 weeks? I hope to loop it through my tube amp, the sound will RULE!
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