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Harmonising is just playing the same melody on guitar 2 but in a different position on the fretboard to guitar 1. As far as I'm aware there are two ways of harmonising:

1. Keep the harmonising interval fixed for every note of the melody, ie, just shifting the melody up or down a fixed number of frets. this method is useful if you are playing a lot of riffs that are chromatic. Most death metal bands harmonise in this way. Eg,

|Gtr1 |------------------| |------------------| |------------------| |------5--7-5------| |-5--8---------8-5-| |------------------| | |Gtr2 |------------------| |------------------| |------------------| |------8-10-8------| |-8-11--------11-8-| |------------------|

2. You can shift the harmonising melody up or down within the scale you are playing in, ie, the harmonising interval is not fixed. Metallica employ this method frequently. Eg,

|Gtr1 |-------------------------| |-------------------------| |----------------11-12-14-| |----------12-14----------| |-12-14-15----------------| |-------------------------| | |Gtr2 |-------------------------| |-------------------12-13-| |----------11-12-14-------| |----12-14----------------| |-15----------------------| |-------------------------|

Hope that helps.
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