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My band is progressing slowly. I jam once a week for 2 hours with the bass player, and we both sing and I play lead guitar. We haven't had a rehersal with the drummer in like 2 months, and the other lead guitarist might be able to start coming in a few weeks or less.

We have a few originals so far finished: Extraordinary(roughly 4min), Burnt Beyond Belief(8min), Rest in Peace(3 1/2min), and Powers of Terror(5 1/2 min). The ones that are incomplete are Scapegoat, Life After Death, Open Wide the Gates, and countless riffs.

We are covering Misanthrope by Death, and maybe Symbolic too. Perhaps for the mandatory Slayer cover( ) we'll do Tormentor, and for the mandatory Pantera cover we'll probably do Message in Blood.

Oh....and our name is Powers of Terror
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This is my band's page
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