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Originally Posted by Def
high-gain on a jcm800? thats asking the impossible man, they're not 'modern' high-gain sounding.

the triamp deal sounds great but indonesia, man thats where scams are made, ever wondered why ebay auctions sometimes have 'absolutely NO indonesian bidders!' written in them?

I don't remember what the sl-x thing was, I vaguely remember it's someone's signature amp, I though it was slash's but I could be way off.

i know, that's why i said the jcm 800 lacks in the gain depatment.

that's exactly what i said, anytime a deal even smells of western union and indonesia... you have a scam on your hands.

i'm not sure, it might be his signature amp, but i don't care.. it's fucking sweet.

i'm looking forward to hear what the marshall 5150's are going to be like. maybe it will redeem marshall, after the mode four and all the other shitty s.s. and hybrid shit. they need to start making new amps that can compete with the new botique wave, especially since they just upped the prices.
a brand new jcm 800 reissue costs more than a soldano avenger... a fucking soldano.
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