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Originally Posted by GUITARFETUS
ok, man why is everyone picking on soulfly? i bet youve never seen them live. my true love is death metal man, especialy morbid angel, but i also appreciate soulfly and fear factory, other than that its pure death metal for me, but soulfly is actualy realy fucking good live, probably one of my favorite live shows besides slayer, and napalm death, i have seen soulfly 4 times now, and everytime i see them they kick ass!! and if you wont go to a morbid angel show just becouse soulfly is opening then that is gaymode. especialy when david vincent is back on vocals. i am looking foward to this show, i do think it is an odd line up, but morbid angel always tours with different bands (motorhead, super joint ritual, pantera,) they always have, this is going to be a kickass show.

haha sorry i guess a lot of real metal heads are in "gaymode"
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