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Originally Posted by Def
I agree on the triamp, its not like one of those line 6 crap things that tries to do everything and does everything for like 50%....

exactly, it's the real deal.

Originally Posted by Def
most people here buy a recto instead of a powerball. though the powerball is making a name for itself over here, more stores are starting to stock them and stuff, just because the few stores that did sell them, sold them really well. Remember though, the recto is pretty 'hyped' over here. loads of kids are getting gibson les pauls/sg's and a recto, tune in drop d and play nothing but powerchords. Must be the same over there man. I hate it though, I fucking hate it. I can't stand people that get all their gear from their mommy, it allways reminds me of how much I had to work to get my gear

it's sad, us americans mostly would trade in rectos for engls n' stuff any day of the week.. while you guys pick the mesa's over the engls'.

i think alot has to do with cost. so many people think if something is more expensive it's simply better.

Originally Posted by Def
JCM2000's. I just can't get into them. I tried it many times, a friend of mine has a TSL and it just bores the crap out of me. like most marshall stuff. the jcm900 sl-x is definetly the best sounding jcm900 out there, I played one in a store once, isn't it the slash signature or something? (I'de be fucked if I remember..)

i still really like the jcm 2000's... they're probably the best thing marshall has done recently. the mode four is good imo, but not good enough.

i know the sl stands for super lead, i don't remember what the x stands for. basically what's different from the sl-x's(2100 and 2500) and the dual reverbs(4100 and 4500). the sl-x adds an extra preamp tube with it's own gain knob. and it doesnt have reverb.

so you get more gain and versitility, but you lose reverb.. which imo is more than a fair trade.

i just love the way on a jcm 900 if you turn the mids to zero, it doesnt "Scoop". the way the knobs arent very responsive to the eq'ing makes them kinda neat sounding. you can just knock them around at random and get interesting tones..

i just rememeber barrowing a jcm 900 4100, and i fell in love.. i dimed every knob on it(except reverb) and it was perfect. but then my bro in clifton started using a jcm 900 sl-x, i was like "whaa?". i really like it's distortion much more than his dual recto.

Originally Posted by Def
the JCM800 is the fucking shizznizzle if you ask me. it's cheap, it's loud and its bad as a motherfucker. If you like that kinda distortion, its definetly the amp to go for. the jcm800 zakk wylde thing rocks too, though I didn't think it sounded that much different to justify the price tag. it's still just a silly jcm800. with cool looks.

most people boost the jcm 800's though. because the amp itself sounds good and has a great "tone" to it, but for high gain it just lacks sometimes.

Originally Posted by Def
it just struck me, I saw a triamp MKI go for 900 euro's on the german ebay, that's a great deal... I wouldn't recommend buying from other continents though unless you got it all worked out.

i got offered the deal of a lifetime, an mkII triamp with the midi module installed. for 1,100.. i asked if i could trade him my jmp-1 and $750. he said ok.. so i was stoked. then came address time. turns out he's in indonesia and wants a western union money order.

fuck that. anytime indonesia AND western union are involved, you're dealing with a scam.

not to mention he didn't have any pictures.

Originally Posted by Def
oh and the powerball doesn't come with a cupholder or dvd player, it comes with a red pimpin' light that attracts chicks to it like flies.
you won't hear me complaining

no cup holder? it must suck
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