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BLS, you played the powerball and savage's too? try those cleans or the sovereign, if you like something else.

the Triamp has damn good cleans. I totally agree. but allmost everything HK makes has good cleans. even their ss practise combo's have great cleans (not the shitty ss warp series etc.)
the Triamp is not really for me, not yet. I don't need the versatility of it and I'de rather stick with something more ballsy now. Though who knows in the future. they're pretty cheap here. (like Koch Powertones are! they're dutch!)

a Mesa Recto is like 1600 there? fuck. a powerball is around the same here, mesa rectumfires are all way above 2000 here!
For that kinda money I could get a savage SE or a used soldano slo100.

the Engl SE head (not the savage SE) is sick... definetly one of the best amps I've ever played, if not 'the' best. why won't you allow yourself to own one? haha.

I guess its just a matter of what the amp's worth to you. right now, I don't think the Diezel and VHT stuff is worth their money, from my perspective. the Bogner is out of the question for me, I don't like its tone much. but I can understand why other people would love it. same goes for loads of other amps I don't like and other people adore.

like people ranting on and on about their tsl100 stack. they look shocked when I tell them I'de rather have an old, busted up jcm800 with a ts9 in front of it at full volume.
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