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Originally Posted by Def
I don't think the Cobra is just as brutal, it's more brutal then a Dragon, sure. but it doesn't have the Engl sound. Ofcourse, thats just fine, it just depends on what you're looking for!

i'd say it's just as brutal... but the framus definately has more of a hotrodded marshall sound to it than the crushing modern engl tone. when you get into amps like that though it really depends on the guitarist.

Originally Posted by Def
the pitbull I played was damn great. it's not too versatile, I agree, its more of a ballsy-all-out-war amp, I really like their tone though. I've never seen a classic over here, VHT is pretty rare. they're built like tanks from what I've seen!

the classic is alot more tame and versitile than the ultralead. also alot cheaper.

the ultra lead is probably one of the tightest high gain wonders of an amp ever though. i really like the onboard 5 band graphic eq. adds alot to the kinda of distortions you can pull out of it.

Originally Posted by Def
Diezel stuff is indeed all damn amazing. I agree, about the 'just more expensive' part. it's true. a mesa dual recto is way more expensive then a powerball over here, though if I compare the price/quality ratio, I'de rather get one powerball then two rectos! a Diezel Herbert is like 3500 here. which is like two savage 120's!

you guys get fucked on mesa though.. here a dual recto is like $1,600... which is still a shitload, and i don't blame you for picking the powerball over the recto.

deizel is insanely expensive everywhere you go though. beautiful amps. totally processed in sound(in a good way).
Originally Posted by Def
a engl se head (not the savage se, the true se head) is just as much as the herbert but its godlike. I probably won't ever buy a top above 2000 bucks, just because I'de be afraid to take it on the road every other week. for me the powerball is allways a joy to lift out of the flightcase and power on. it's an eye catcher and the sound allways surprises everyone actually, it still keeps surprising me every time I crank it up above halfway

those se's make me drool.. it's sad that i'd never allow myself to own one.
Originally Posted by BLS
IMO the Framus Cobra has the best clean Ive played on a high gain amp.. I was definetly surprised.. hell I wouldnt be surprised If someone bought the Cobra JUST for the clean channel.

play a triamp... damn nice cleans. damn nice everything.
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