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OK OK, I'll tell you.
Im in a band called Attrition. we're influence by a lot of Pi Destroyer stuff, along with Nile, DEP, Cryptosy, Dying Fetus, Cattle Decapitation, the Haunted, a lot of Grindcore.

Right now we're a three piece, i play guitar, My brother plays drumms, and my friend sings. We're currently looking for a bass player. haven't gotten a lot of responces. by the way, Arizona is in USA.

Don't have a website up. hope to have a demo out with a melodic death metal band called Disregard may. Doesn't sound like death metal does it? My brother is drumming for that band too, and my friend is guitarist for that band. and I sing in that band. theyre a five piece.

My brother is pissed at me because we would have had a bassist\singer and maybe another guitarsist. after Mybrother and I made five songs, these two but holes show up and sort of take me for granted. And I said, "No, FUCK you! This is my band, and i'm not gonna let your pothead friends fuck it up." cus thats what they were. plus they didn't even have any real gear.

I'd sing and play along with a bass player if we had one, but right now id probably make an ass of myself
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