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I don't think the Cobra is just as brutal, it's more brutal then a Dragon, sure. but it doesn't have the Engl sound. Ofcourse, thats just fine, it just depends on what you're looking for!

the pitbull I played was damn great. it's not too versatile, I agree, its more of a ballsy-all-out-war amp, I really like their tone though. I've never seen a classic over here, VHT is pretty rare. they're built like tanks from what I've seen!

Diezel stuff is indeed all damn amazing. I agree, about the 'just more expensive' part. it's true. a mesa dual recto is way more expensive then a powerball over here, though if I compare the price/quality ratio, I'de rather get one powerball then two rectos! a Diezel Herbert is like 3500 here. which is like two savage 120's!

a engl se head (not the savage se, the true se head) is just as much as the herbert but its godlike. I probably won't ever buy a top above 2000 bucks, just because I'de be afraid to take it on the road every other week. for me the powerball is allways a joy to lift out of the flightcase and power on. it's an eye catcher and the sound allways surprises everyone actually, it still keeps surprising me every time I crank it up above halfway
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