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Originally Posted by Def
the Cobra isn't more brutal then the Powerball IMO. I don't think the Uberschall is either, but it does have (even) more effective gain which is usable. it just sounds way different though. definetly one of the best amps around, more versatile too but damn expensive

i never said they were more brutal.. i just told him some of the other to notch high gain amps. to look into. they're easily just as brutal...

but seriously, i can't honestly think of any reason a powerball wouldnt be brutal enough for anyone. unless something was wrong with it... no style of music exists that requires more "brutality" than what an amp like that offers. unless you want a really muddy mess that you can even hear the guitar through.
Originally Posted by Def
the Pitbull and Diezel Herbert both are the most insane amps I've ever played. not that I would ever be able to afford one in the near future, those are both KILLER and definetly in a class above the Powerball and regular Savage series. they're prolly in the SE head range, hehe.

well, i assume you're talking about the pittbull ultra lead, not the classic. i don't find it that amazing in flexibility... it's great, especially in the high gain distortion department. but the savage and powerball are more flexible imo and pretty equal in "brutality" and build quality.

the deizel stuff is amazing.. but i wouldnt say it's in a league above the engl and savage... pretty equal actually... just more expensive.

it's like comparing a $1,000 gibson les paul to a $1,500 one.. it's 150% the cost, but are you really getting 150% the guitar? hell no....

it just depends on how much it's worth to you to have a deizel herbert sound over the powerball sound... to me, not worth it. to much money for not enough results(if any).
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