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Metric modulation basics explained

Hey everybody,

Metric modulation is like a key change, but in tempo!

Basically it enolves switching between a tempo and it's related triplet meter, but you play the triplets as the new quarter notes. For example, let's say you have a song at 138 Bpm. To get the new tempo, you divide the tempo by 2 and then multiply that number by 3. In this case it equals 207 Bpm. To go the opposite way, divide by 3 first and then multiply by 2.

A very easy way to get the feel for it is to play in 4/4 at a comfortable speed such as 120 Bpm, then go to the equivalent triplet meter, which is 12/8 in this case. Applying our formula, we get 180 Bpm. That would now be the new tempo in 12/8. Then, when you're ready to up the ante, play at 180 Bpm in 4/4! Now that's a modulation. For even more kicks, have your drummer play at 120, and you play in 180! It's wacky.

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