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Originally Posted by SpiritCrusher
I've had a band for like 3 years but we split up because the bassist couldn't parctice anymore for some reasons, and we had trouble finding a drummer. But I started since a new project called "Bleeding Organs" which is a funny name in my opinions because of its total unoriginality (it reminds me of like a thousand band names I've already heard). It's mainly me who's playing guitars and bass and programming the drum machine. On the first track of that new band, I'm singing, but my shitty voice will soon be replaced by my friend's voice which is much more brutal and powerful (right now he's gone to Morocco, but as soon as he comes back we re-record "Carve and Masticate" and my next song, called "Belching Putrid Flesh"). Here's a link for the mp3s :

Have fun.

CARVE AND MASTICATE!!!! masticate is such a great word. good song, definate skill going on in there. i expected nothing less from someone who tabs Martyr and Spawn. if you ever find a drummer, and my band finds a drummer, we should play some shows together. i'd post an MP3 of my band but i don't think metaltabs will let me.
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