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Originally Posted by John Holland
Oh no, with both Pre and Post gain knobs on the lead/rythm channels on ten, the thing should be too loud for aural comprehension. But, it sounds like a slightly loud ten watt amplifier. And its not quiet at all. I know hiss is supposed to come with high gain amplfiiers, but the hiss is easily as loud as the guitar itself.

too loud for aural comprehension? i don't know about that..

as for the operation noise... with the gain at ten it's going to get very noisey. you might also have a ground loop, or a microphonic preamp tube.

hard to say... but you got screwd royaly.
Originally Posted by DEAD
Sounds like what happened to mine. I'm pretty sure one of your speakers are blown. And teh way the speakers are wired in the 5150 combo, if one goes, neither of them work. Take it to a shop and get your speaker's tested.

no, his is working. it's just not loud.
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