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Originally Posted by JerryP
I like the JJ 6L6 power tubes and the EH 12AX7 preamp tubes. I also like the JJ and Chinese 12AX7's. Give Doug's Tubes a shout and he'll hook you up. Doug has great prices, service, and product. He's real helpful in picking the right tubes for the tone you're after.

Hmm ... I just uninstalled the tubes to have a good look at them, and someone had installed GrooveTubes.

And ... I asked the seller of the amplifier about this ... and he said it was playing perfectly. Before he shipped it.

So someone on the FedEx truck did'nt take their job that seriously. It's possible I could be reimbursed, as I was insured for the full amount. Then I'd have a 5150 and about 700$ to repair it with.
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