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Originally Posted by JerryP
Have you tried swapping any tubes? If you have any other 12AX7's you can try it's worth a shot. Try plugging your guitar right into the effects loop return jack and see if it's any louder that way.

It's not louder ... but it's totally "clean" ( What's funny is that its a Fender-esque clean --- there's the clean channel everyone complains that is non-existant ). No hiss, no noise, but the volume is invariable, I can't adjust it at all using the gain knobs on both channels. At about a 15- watt practice amp volume.

I don't have any 12ax7 tubes lying around ... I've heard that I should replace the shitty chinese tubes sooner or later, so I suppose now is a good time. I just don't have the money at the moment.
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