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Originally Posted by powersofterror
That's one of the most ignorantly stupid things I've ever heard. You're just mad that not all people are nice which is pathetic. Frankly, unless you are a 300lbs 6foot muscular wrestler, I'd suggest you take back your statement about not backing things up in real life. You've never seen most of us, so there's no way you know how tough we really are. Why the hell did you start this thread anyway? It has no purpose for "feedback" towards the site itself, and if you are losing interest what does that tell me? It tells me that you are nothing but an "internet toughguy" who just tried to prod one of us into an arguement. Mission accomplished, Cunt. I hope you get raped by a male prostitute with gonads larger than your puny grey matter.

I'll deconstruct your argument and tell you why I am better than you in the morning.
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