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That statement's just Scott trying to piss on the fire. A month or so ago Blabbermouth posted a Blast Beat in which Charlie claimed they had no plans for talking to Joey. Of course, there's a decent chance nobody will leave, but still, it's a shitty way to treat John. Especially since he's been pretty up front about the fact that it pissed him off the time they tried to do a tour with Joey before, but he was cool with taking it for the team.

John sings Joey's stuff better than Joey did, and Rob definitely plays Dan's stuff better than Dan ever did. Wait, did I just imply Dan wrote his own solos? I'm sorry: Rob plays Charlie's stuff better than Dan ever did.

Billy Milano's producing records in Texas. slayme met him after a Cannibal Corpse show. Scott seemed to want to do another SOD record, but Billy's not being cooperative. And he doesn't even have the ethnic background to excuse his behavior. And yeah, I know that technically makes no sense whatsoever.
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