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Joey's return won't mean a step back into thrash mode. It'll just mean more of the current Anthrax with a vocalist whose testicles haven't descended. I realize most people don't feel the way about Bush-era Anthrax that I do, but Scott and Charlie are the songwriters and have been for a long, long, long, long while and aren't likely to suddenly decide to time travel back to '88 and give us the natural progression from Persistence. Not that I'd mind that; it just ain't happening. 'Course, I also think John's twice the vocalist and frontman Joey was, not to mention just cool to talk to, but I don't think that's the only reason I'm pissed about this. Anthrax, love them or hate them, always did shit genuinely. Changing your line up because Sharon Osborne said you have to is not genuine.

And yeah, Kerry's been a little bitch for a long while now. But the only reason they didn't play on the same bill together when they were scheduled like five years ago is because Dave pulled a big dick move. Kerry's a fuck, but unlikely to pull the same, and if Dave's really matured he won't repeat his performance.

Of course, Vinny and Phil will probably never play on the same stage or bill ever again.
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