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Tool rule, Dave apologized and wants to move on, and what Anthrax may or may not be doing to John is fuckin' disgraceful. The guy's bled and sweated Anthrax for a decade now and they're (if it's true) tossing him aside because that cunt of an Ozzy's wife won't let them on the Ozzfest unless they become another hollow reflection of her vapidity and soullessness. I know the Jew in Scott's been gunning for that tour spot for years now, but I never thought it'd overtake him to the degree he'd turn his back on the people willing to stick through it with him and go back to the apostate watchmaker and that greedy, high-pitched dipshit. It almost makes me scared about what'll happen when the Jew side of the Force overtakes me. I mean, if it's stong enough to get me pissed off at Scott Ian, it's gotta have something.

Of course, a few months ago Charlie squashed all Joey Belladonna rumors, so I'll choose to believe that until it's definitively otherwise (and when it is I'll become delusional and pretend the world stopped around December), but there is the bad sign that Scott doesn't take a moment to rip into Joey and Dan in his interviews anymore. Sure, it might just be him becoming mature, but it also might be him selling his soul to Ozzy's wife.
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