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Originally Posted by Chris Rezendes
If I went, it would be to see Nile and King Diamond, although there are definitely better bands there like Cryptopsy and Origin. There are other bands there that I want to say are very good, but I haven't heard quite enough of their stuff to really know for sure. Those bands would be Behemoth, Black Dahlia Murder, Cephalic Carnage, and Internal Bleeding. I also would want to check out bands I've heard very little or nothing of, but have heard about, like Pro-Pain, Between the Buried and Me, Pariah, Chimaira, and Dark Tranquility. I'd also check out Evergreen Terrace, because, well, because my main man Ned lives on a street called Evergreen Terrace.

Nile and King Diamond are both good in concert, but I'm not sure how King Diamond would come off in a festival atmosphere. He might not have all the dry ice and other "sinister" props going on that he usually would. I actually saw him in a club on Halloween in '89, so all the freaks came out dressed up as the King and made the whole show pretty entertaining. Nile is better in concert than they are on album. I'll look into some of those other bands. I've seen videos from Pro-Pain and Chimaira and was not impressed so far.
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