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Stupid ska boy
Who the hell in metal uses OI?
You're plain gay.
You know, there is a large gay skinhead scene.
I'm not going to bother rhyming this because this is a waste of my time.
Yeah, I bend both ways, you know, this time around I think I'll find a female soulmate.
A female soulmate wouldn't try to use the lame old "you're gay" insult.
Most people on metaltabs are better than me at drums, but I learn and I find out things and soon I'll be much better.
Play out of passion and not competition, sweetums.
There is always someone better than you, especially in guitar since it's such a people instrument.
You know, 1/3 of gay men never have anal sex and around 60% of the rest like to take it and not give it.
Nobody can be you better than you.
I <3 12 year olds.
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