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Originally Posted by Chris Rezendes
Actually, I love Steve Souza's vox and my favorite Exodus album is Pleasures of the Flesh. He sounds a lot like Chuck Billy to me, only angrier and more intense. I love them both. Voivod rocks my socks, so I'm not sure why there's antipathy there.

There isn't, I'm a huge Voivod fan. I'm just pointing out the fact that hardly anyone else is because they're too bizarre for the average consumer. I love the music on Pleasures of the Flesh, but Steve Souza just bugs me. He's got a whiny nasal quality about him and he lacks range and balls. Regarding the Metallica solos, that's exactly what I was implying (The gradual change after they ran out of Mustaine's material).

Out of curiosity, let me know who you think are the three best bands at this Metal Fest so I can check them out. Watching the new Headgiver's Ball on MTV2 is not improving my opinion of new bands at all.
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