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Originally Posted by Chris Rezendes

Really, if I wanted to listen to bands just because their albums are mixed to sound heavy with no regard to progressive song writing, I'd listen to Six Feet Under, Obituary, and Celtic Frost all day long.

I think I should have seen that answer coming. I started out listening to Nasty Savage, Hallow's Eve, Hellhammer, Destruction, Possessed, etc... when they first broke onto the scene in addition to all the shred fags like Racer X, Malmsteen, etc... I have a lot of favourite albums that are dirty sounding (i.e. Killing is My Business...) as well. I didn't mean clean and overproduced is good like the new Megadeth shit is. I meant raw, heavy and smooth. Smooth as in pleasant to listen to over and over and over without getting sick of the vocalist or the musician's. It's the difference between Testament's "The New Order" and Exodus without Paul Baloff. That asshole that sings for Exodus on everything after "Bonded by Blood" ruins the listening experience. As you may be aware, he was the original vocalist for Testament before Chuck Billy when they were called "Legacy". You can even recognize his annoying vocal patterns in the songs on "The Legacy" that he wrote the lyrics for. Just imagine how badly Testament would have sucked if they hadn't unloaded that guy. Look at how shitty Metallica solos became after Exodus got rid of Kirk Hammet. How lame would Exodus be if they had that shitty singer and Kirk Hammet as well? Being "progressive" is nothing new and nothing special. If progressive was where it's at then Voivod would be the all time favorite metal band instead of Slayer. Most sound innovators do something simple like Les Claypool deciding that he was going to play in the forefront and make one of the founding fathers of Death Metal guitar (Larry LaLonde) noodle weird melodies in the background. Obituary simply tuned their shit way down and created one of the heaviest and smoothest sounds ever to come out of death metal to this day and I say they rock. So does early Celtic Frost. Six Feet Under does not.

I notice you are a very accomplished tabber, when am I going to hear your awesome riffs and solos? I'd hate to see you become a tabber for Guitar magazine or some shit if you're really that good.

Peace out bro... I hope you get a chance to go to those Saturday and Sunday shows. I'd donate to the cause, but I called my boss a pathological liar and a corporate whore last month, so he released me from servitude and I can only afford to play guitar all day for the time being. The less I spend, the longer my vacation.

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