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Originally Posted by Kylito
It's simple. They sound good. The same reason people like Pink Floyd and early Black Sabbath. The production quality is phenomenal and that's the #1 most important part of a good record. If you don't have a good sound system with a solid low end and a minimum of 12" woofers, then they can't be properly appreciated. This is why most modern albums suck. It's not necessarily the bands, it's the fact that recording studios are taking shortcuts and people like Rick Rubin have abandoned metal. Just listen to the sound quality on Slayer's "Still Reigning" DVD. It's total shit. Opeth is about the only new band that's worth listening to because they sound so damn good. Other bands like Dream Theater, etc... are useful in the same way that Joe Satriani and Steve Vai were in the eighties as a technical resource for guitar players, but you will get sick of them eventually because they're gay.

If production were vitally important to me, I couldn't listen to half of the metal albums I listen to. There goes Destruction's first several albums, Possessed's first two albums, Suffocation's Breeding the Spawn, and countless other great or even brilliant albums. I'll take great, innovative, or interesting songwriting over overproduced death trash every day of the week.

Really, if I wanted to listen to bands just because their albums are mixed to sound heavy with no regard to progressive song writing, I'd listen to Six Feet Under, Obituary, and Celtic Frost all day long.
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