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Originally Posted by Kylito
What a shame. I'll admit that they slowly went downhill album by album as most bands do, but "Slowly We Rot" is still as classic as when I first bought it in 1989 and I've been listening to death metal since before the term was coined. Also, they were one of the few original death and speed metal bands who actually ruled in concert and made you feel like it was money well spent. Not to mention they were the first band to perfect that low tuning death sound that has been so worn out by all of the wannabes since then. I'm sure you'll change your mind about them eventually. Everyone does.

I have Slowly We Rot and Cause of Death, and I don't really like either one. They are mediocre at best. Here's 5 reasons why-

1. Boring, average at best riffs. I can write stuff like that all day long without exaggeration. Not much imagination there.
2. Boring, average solos. See #1.
3. Boring, average at best drums. No blast beats, no double bass, no strange time signatures, nothing quirky, no technicality.
4. Boring, average at best bass lines. See #1.
5. Boring, below average vox. There's nothing more to say about that.

I've never understood the love affair most death metal fans have with Obituary. What's so good about them? They weren't innovators. They weren't very imaginative when it came to songwriting. They weren't much of anything other than a run-of-the-mill, average, mediocre, middle class death metal, and that's being nice to them.

Now, honestly, I could say those exact same things about Macabre, but the difference there is that Macabre is intended to be a novelty act, while Obituary are supposed to be real fucking metal. If you like Obituary, great. Me, I don't see how anybody could like them more than Six Feet Under, who they share far too many things in common with for my liking.
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