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I dont own a kit, I use schools kit to rehearse with my band, and they've got an E-kit. For slow music (both heavy (Iced Earth - Damien) and light (Iced Earth - Ghost of Freedom)) they can be amazing, because you just puch a button, and you've suddenly got a completely different kit, but when you go over 140bpm, it's difficult to play, because the rebound is too high (you just sit and try to force the sticks to stay below 2000feet), and the cymbals are too fecking small (and you cant get the effect of hitting the cup of them, either). Buy an acoustic is my advice, they sound better for most music, and if you've got money for an E-kit, then buy an acoustic one and buy many different toms and stuff if you need the different sounds
seems like you got a case of stupidphobia
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