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I've only been drumming for about a year but i have found that playing "true/kult" Black metal blast beats (also applys to death metal) its easier to play with your wrists relaxed (otherwise the tension in your arm may cause you to cramp up) holding the stick mainly between your index finger & thumb allowing a "bounce" off the snare & using your middle finger to tap/lever the stick back down to the snare just hard enough to get a good snap back.(the same style apply's for the hihat), your stick will bounce off a little if executed properly with minimal hand/wrist movement. If you can master this techniqe (study Hellhammers drumming on the Mayhem DVD for the best example of this).
Also to begin with if you match each hihat & snare hit to each kick of your bass drums/drum pedal you will build up that "stupidly necro" sound you hear on most "true" B.M records.

to start with:
S o---o---o---o---o---o---o---o-

to work up to

Terror & Blasphemy

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